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Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ | March 23, 2024

That's a wrap! CSI Southwest, held on March 23rd, 2024, at Arizona State University in Tempe, concluded successfully after a day filled with enriching professional development opportunities for music educators, fine arts administrators, and college students. The event featured engaging sessions led by world-class Conn Selmer clinicians and ASU faculty, providing valuable insights and strategies for music education.

Attendees were treated to lunch as part of the event, facilitating networking and collaboration among participants. Additionally, a special afternoon conducting workshop was conducted by Dr. Jason Caslor, Dr. Jamal Duncan, and the ASU Wind Ensemble, aimed at enhancing directors' conducting skills. In parallel, a FREE Parent Booster Workshop led by Dr. David Vandewalker was offered, providing valuable resources and guidance for parent boosters of directors who attended the event.

The event was made possible through the collaboration of partners, including the Arizona Band and Orchestra Directors Association and Arizona State University. Overall, the Conn Selmer Institute and ABODA regional event provided a unique and valuable opportunity for music educators and stakeholders to enhance their skills and knowledge in music education.

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ASU School of Music

Conn Selmer Institute was once again thrilled to partner with ABODA and our hosts from the Arizona State University School of Music, Dance and Theatre. The Arizona Band and Orchestra Directors Association's mission is to provide music education activities for students and teachers in Arizona, develop performance assessments based on state and national standards, and offer educational support and professional development. It's a non-profit organization serving over a thousand music organizations at all educational levels. They host events like festivals, competitions, and honor bands, involving 30,000 students annually. This association collaborates with other music education and research groups and is a constituent member of the Arizona Music Educator's Association.

If you want to get hyped for "class tomorrow," go to CSI Southwest (or the one closest to you)! It is a fun event with encouraging people surrounding you. One of the best PD events we could have :)

• Julie Trent, CSI Southwest 2024 Attendee

“I appreciated the quality, well prepared presentations delivered by caring professionals who want to help us be better teachers so that our students can thrive.”

• CSI Southwest 2023 Attendee

“I appreciate how applicable and real the sessions were. This was short, applicable, and relevant, and it made a difference in my teaching in the two short school days since the event. Thank you!!!”

• CSI Southwest 2023 Attendee

Thank you for offering quality, focused content to support my teaching practices. I hope my students will benefit from improved planning, pacing, and delivery.

• CSI Southwest 2024 Attendee

A Special Thank You to all our CSI Southwest Partners!

Without generous understanding and support of the following partners, CSI would not be possible. Thank you!

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